Apr 18 2014

Two Jailed for Cannabis Production in Harrow

police_bmw_150x150Two men were given custodial sentences at Harrow Crown Court on Friday 5 April after being found guilty of cannabis production.

Ricky Paul (left, below) aged 33 of The Heights, Harrow was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after a two-day trial at Harrow Crown Court found him guilty of cannabis production and David (right, below) aged 28 of Ribblesdale Road SW16 was imprisoned for 32 months after pleading guilty to cannabis production at Magistrates Court last November.

Officers arrested the men in May after executing a search warrant at an address in Cumberland Road, Harrow and finding over 500 cannabis plants growing in four rooms. Officers who were on patrol could smell cannabis and with the help of their colleagues from the Air Support Unit, identified the house by using heat seeking equipment.

[pullquote align=”leftt” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”This was a substantial operation with potential profits running in to tens of thousands of pounds”[/pullquote]

Paul who has previous drugs convictions was given 18 months imprisonment for his involvement in the cannabis factory.

At the time of this cannabis factory being found, Paterson was on a suspended sentence for a driving related matter, the judge re-activated this sentence and in total, sentenced Paterson to 32 months in prison.

drugs_coupleOn handing out their sentences the Judge Curtis Raleigh described the house as having been converted into a substantial cannabis factory. He said, “This was a substantial operation with potential profits running in to tens of thousands of pounds, just short of industrial quantities.”

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