Oct 28 2016

Vlog from @MPSHarrow: Safest Borough

police_bmw_150x150Harrow Police Borough Commander Simon Ovens has published his latest vlog, reminding residents that this month, it’s Harrow’s turn again to be the safest borough in London (source: http://maps.met.police.uk/, September 2016 data). With a crime rate of 4.66, which is around normal for Harrow for this time of year. Over recent months, the top spot is generally rotated through Harrow, Sutton and Bexley, so the challenge we’d suggest is to retain the safest borough label, rather then keep winning it. That said, it’s good news. Here’s what Mr Ovens had to say about it:


Nonetheless, whilst this is good news, it’s also worth pointing out that crime in the borough is up, compared to August 2016 (which reported a rate of 4.38). Another item of note is that crime this year, compared to last, is generally at the same level for August and September, maybe a tad higher, although in July, it increased by what seems to be around 25% (from approx 950 in 2015 to approx 1200 in 2016).

Lots more data here: http://maps.met.police.uk/tables.htm

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