Mar 05 2017

Stabbing in Wealdstone – Man Charged with Murder

A man has been charged with the murder of Mohamed Al-Zufairi in Wealdstone.

Femi Omotoso, 26, (24.4.90) of Tudor Gardens, Wealdstone was charged on Sunday, 5 March, with the murder of Mohamed Al-Zufairi on 27 February in High Street, Wealdstone.

A post-mortem examination at Northwick Park Hospital on Wednesday, 1 March, gave cause of death as a single stab wound to the heart.

Omotoso will appear in custody at a London magistrates’ court on Monday, 6 March.

Police Officers will be in the area of Wealdstone High Street on the evening of Monday, 6 March – a week after the murder – in order to identify and speak with any outstanding witnesses.

Any witnesses or anyone with information is urged to call the incident room on 020 8358 0200, or contact police on 101 or by tweeting @MetCC.

To give information anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit the crimestoppers-uk.org website.

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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Excellent news this murderer has been charged.Good work by the Met.It won’t bring Mohamed AL-Zufairi back but is great for all concerned to now he is not a threat to them and that he will now pay for this heinous crime which has robbed a really young family of their dad and his wife of her husband.Their grief is incalculable.One can only pray they get through this with support from friends,family and well-wishers.

  2. Paul laurent

    No plaudits from Sony malkin I as she is a tool of opens. We grieve for the family business this would not of japanned if regular patrols were out there.theplods.i have been there many times and they saturate the area and dissappear. When was there last a plod there.0

  3. Pc 49 harrow road paddington

    No plaudits from sonic a tool.of owens. We grieve for the family. This would not have happened if the plot were on the beat. I have been there when they saturate the area and then dissappear.when was the plods last there on patrol.Are they racing game around the streets of harrow or having lunch in McDonald’s on the high street free.

  4. Sonoo Malkani

    I expect some folk get their kicks by writing a load of hog-wash.Best we ignore obnoxious remarks.

  5. red mirror

    i wonder if michael lockwood will be writing on this subject in the local press?or laying some flowers on the spot where this poor innocent chap lost his life?i am just curios as i find a HUGE disconnect with the people in these high flying jobs and what is happening on the ground i dont know if mr lockwood is a philosophical man but incidents like this dont just happen the perp was long in the making i suspect a man just doesn’t stab someone to death on a whim what had society and the local infrastructure done to help make this happen?people in one sense the council is guilty for years the area where this happened has been well known as a dangerous place with street drinkers druggies etc had the boro nipped this in the bud with some zero tolerance this tragedy may have been avoided will there now be a mission statement from the top that all must be done to never let this happen again?if humanly possible or will the ceo and co pretend it hasn’t happened and carry on enjoying there obscenely swollen salaries to the detriment of all sadly i predict this will happen again in the near future.

  6. Hq control harrow

    Soni is a tool of owens.owens hides behind a bullet proof room from rockets being fire by disgruntled residents of harrow.

  7. Paul laurent

    Sonoo this was not hogwash but facts. Kindly get off your high horse and stop protecting owens who is doing a bad job.

  8. Concrned Harrovian

    PC 49

    MacDonalds in Wealdstone has closed down.

  9. Paul laurent

    Sorrno needs to use her words carefully.mark owens is not ding his job properly. Plods are not visible in.harow
    2 burglaries within 10 metres of my home within 3 days.we live in fear of being the next one.

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