Oct 21 2016

Spotted: Labour Councillors sniffing around Bradstowe House

rumoursTwo of Harrow Labour’s councillors were spotted sniffing around the ill-fated Bradstowe House earlier this month, leading to rumours that the council may be considering cutting a deal to help with its shortage of council properties.

Cllrs Keth Ferry and Sue Anderson were walking around Bradstowe House where properties rent for over £2100/month, with the shoe-box-style 1-bed flats starting at around £1500 a month. And for that price, you don’t even get a proper kitchen, just a slab of worktop in a corner.

Cllr Ferry, when pressed, brushed it off as “…councillors were visiting their constituents, which they do twice a week on Friday and Sunday.” Cllr Anderson kept to the party line and ignored a request for comment.

There is no suggestion they’d rented a room for an hour.

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  1. red mirror

    cllr ferry should be brought to dock over this or ship out i dont want to make waves but it looks like the tides turning.

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