Apr 30 2014

Another “new school” for Harrow Appears…

school_signA new website launched in the last few days, with a group planning to launch a new school in the borough.

Details are scant at this stage, but a website has appeared at www.newschoolforharrow.org.uk, which has some information on it. No idea of location yet, they say, nor size. However, they want it to be in the borough, to have easy access, and to have outside space “either on site or within a short walk.”

The founders include several groups of families – you can read their details here.

The school hopes to deliver what they call “flexible schooling” – this means that families can choose the school routine that is right for their child; some may wish to use a regular day to educate their child themselves – providing one-to-one attention, following the child’s interests or taking them on visits to broaden their education. Others may choose longer school days so that terms can be shorter. These arrangements could change as children grow – perhaps being used to give younger children a more gentle start to school life.

newschoolforharrowClearly a lot more to come, and it seems the be the latest in “alternative” schools to pop up, and there will likely be many more as Harrow struggles to cope with under-investment over the last few years for new school places.

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  1. Vicky Bewer

    Thank you for writing this article about our plans. We are really keen to collect people views, thoughts, ideas and concerns about the new school. We have created two surveys to capture this information – one for parents and one for education professionals. The surveys are available here: http://www.newschoolforharrow.org.uk/news/3/15/Website-and-survey-launched

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