Aug 15 2013

“Harrow: A Very British School” Coming to Sky 1 HD in September

skySky 1 HD will have to be on its best behaviour as it enrols at one of the most famous and influential public schools in the world, Harrow.

Filmed over the course of a year, the documentary gives an A-grade insight into the hallowed all- boys institution where past pupils include former prime minister Winston Churchill and actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness); from its staff and pupils to its unique customs and traditions, finding out what it takes to make a modern-day Harrovian – aside from a healthy bank balance. One thing’s for sure: scruffy shirts and rogue ties will not pass muster here.

The bell has tolled and the peace of West Acre, one of the 12 boarding houses, is shattered by a fresh invasion of pupils, overseen by veteran House Master, Martin Smith. It’s a big day for the new arrivals, or Shells as they’re known round these parts, and for Oliver, Sachin and Dillon – who has travelled from Malawi – boys used to living at home with their families, it’s a difficult transition to make. Decked out in their Bluers (blazers), Greyers (trousers) and iconic boater hats, we follow the Shells as they overcome homesickness and find their feet, slowly but surely adapting to life at Harrow.

Harrow: A Very British School opens its doors in September.

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