Aug 25 2013

Harrow School – GCSE Results Leak Out One Day Early

harrow_school_crestThe Telegraph has run a story this weekend about world-famous Harrow School leaking the results of its’ pupils GCSE exams. As many of 100 pupils in the year group are reported to have found out their results a day earlier than usual, following the publishing of them on the school’s intranet, ostensibly for staff to review.

Once the information security flaw was discovered on Wednesday afternoon, it didn’t take long for word to spread around, and it wasn’t until later that evening that the school realised what had happened and blocked access.

Interestingly, the story focusses only on the boys’ reading their results; barely a mention is made of the IT security angle. After all, if GCSE exam results could get out a day early, what about all the other data that the school holds on it’s pupils?

The full story can be read here.


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