Dec 11 2011

Harrow School Rows with Ramblers

The Guardian has an interesting article today about a spat between Harrow School and the Ramblers Association. In a nutshell, a 19th century footpath runs through the school’s 400 acre grounds, and during a redevelopment – in the multi-million pound range, no less – of the school’s sports facilities eight years back, a couple of astro-turf pitches were built. Exactly what happened next turns into a ‘he said… she said’ spat, but the pitches seem to have been built over the footpath, and a new pathway – a permissive path – was created.

However, the alternative path is both longer, less scenic, and doesn’t enjoy the protection that the old path does, which has upset The Ramblers Association. And now the school has employed a private security firm to uphold the peace.

The whole story, and opinions from just about everyone, can be read at the Guardian’s site, here.

As an aside, if you’ve got five minutes, try the Harrow School spelling test.

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