Feb 24 2013

Head of Orley Farm School Resigns Following ‘Error of Judgment’

school_redDetails are scarce, but the Head of Orley Farm School in South Harrow, Mark Dunning, resigned earlier this month, following what might be described as an ‘error of judgement’  in his comments in the School Newsletter. We understand that the comments may have referred to another member of staff who had recently left the school.

Mr Dunning had been at the school since 2006, and will be replaced on a temporary basis by Tim  Calvey.

Updated 25.02.2013 08.57:

We’ve found a copy of the original newsletter, thanks to Google. The salient part of the newsletter is here:


Take the first letter of each word highlighted in red, and see what it spells. The newsletter has been updated, and now reads as follows:

orley_farm_2We expect it to get taken down once they read this, but you can see the original newsletter on Orley Farm’s website here, and the updated version on their website here.

Orley Farm have said that this is “…an internal school matter and there is nothing further to say about it.” Twitter, as always, provides some comment:


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