Jan 21 2013

How many Harrow Schools are Open? – January 21, 2013

snow_roadSeems to be rather a mixed bag of open and closed schools today, given the snow. We had a look at the data that school provide to the London Grid For Learning, which goes into the School OpenCheck site to find out.

We gave schools until 09.30 this morning to update their status.

Out of 66 schools, academies, colleges and nurseries, there are:

  • 42 (64%) Open
  • 11 (17%) Closed
  • 2 (3%) Partially open (either some classes are closed or the school will finish early)
  • 11 (17%) Hadn’t provided any data

Main roads leading to and from schools are supposed to be on the Council’s gritting route, but it’s plain to see that this year that despite main routes being gritted, the side roads which lead to school are poorly treated – especially so if the school is at the end of a side road, which doesn’t lead anywhere.

Couple this with school paths being the responsibility of schools themselves to clear – or to contract out for – and it’s easy to see the closure if often the easiest – and cheapest? – option for schools to take.

However, it’s good to see that schools seem to have got the balance between advance notice to parents versus leaving it as late as possible correct – out of the 11 schools closed, ten of them had published a status prior to 08.30am; six of them having done so before 07.30am.

The only school taking part in the system, which had failed to update it’s status, was St John Fisher, which still had Friday’s update on the site.




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