Feb 18 2012

Jewish Free School – Website hacked by pupil?

Spotted in the Daily Mail earlier today, was this article about the Jewish Free School in Kenton:

As the snow began falling in Harrow, in north-west London on Saturday 4 February, the Jewish Free School was quick to post a message on its website assuring parents that it would none-the-less be open as usual the following Monday. 

However, a group of daring pupils after a day off had other ideas. Within hours they hacked into the website and brought it down… the hackers are then said to have sent a fake email… telling parents that the school would be closed because of the heavy snow.

You can read the whole story here on the Daily Mail’s site. If you’ve got time, you might also want to read the comments which follow the article on Mail’s site. The comments fall into two camps: those who think anything less than a ritual hanging is too good for the boy, and the other camp who think it’s down to poor security of the school’s website.

Source: Daily Mail




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