May 07 2013

John Lyon Sports Centre – Petition Against Closure

swimmer_photoMembers, friends, parents and children gathered outside the John Lyon School this afternoon to take part in a photo call for the local press. Some 50-60 people turned up to make their views known, and to launch the petition.

The event was almost attended by the Headteacher, who, when she came outside and saw the throng milling around the entrance, did a hasty U-turn back to the safety of the staff room.

If you’d like to sign the petition, you can do so here, on Harrow Swimming Club’s website – and please pass the word around.

It also transpires that residents of Middle Road have collected signatures for their own petition, against the Sports Centre or School, or both. No word on where that’s got to.

jls_photo_callPicture Source: www.harrowswim.com (we didn’t seek permission, but we hope they won’t mind!)

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