Jun 02 2013

Jubilee Academy – Opening September 2013 in Harrow

school_expansionThe Jubilee Academy will be for up to 160 students (100 students in 2013/14) aged 11-16 who would benefit from a smaller school experience and a more personalised curriculum than is possible in a high school. The Jubilee Academy will be an alternative provision free school.Preparations for opening are progressing well. The Headteacher Designate, Vivien Swaida, joined in January and knows Harrow well from her time as Headteacher of Harrow High School, Leadership Team appointments were made in April; teaching and support staff appointments are being made in May and June. The curriculum planning is progressing well.

Consultation about whether to establish The Jubilee Academy took place during April / May with a wide range of stakeholders. The Jubilee Academy is proposed to be located close to the Harrow-on-the-Hill station, in a building called Lowlands House. This location is accessible by public transport for students from across and beyond  Harrow,reflecting the broad intake to the high schools, with a safe and secure site that provides a positive  environment for learning. Lowlands House would become available, after purchase and refurbishment, during 2014, and interim arrangements for 2013/14 academic year are currently underway.

John Reavley, Headteacher of Rooks Heath College and The Jubilee Academy’s Chair of Governors says: “The high schools in Harrow have a strong tradition of working together and The Jubilee Academy is another example of us focusing on the needs of our students and recognising that we all achieve more when we work together. The high schools are committed to The Jubilee Academy being a tremendous success for local young people.”

If you have any queries about The Jubilee Academy, please email :info@thejubileeacademy.org.uk

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