Oct 11 2013

Melanie Says: Monday Morning Blues?

guest_postGuest article from Melanie: Monday morning blues?!

I have a cure. This Monday morning I attended a meeting with, and I do not exaggerate here, the divine Mrs Winstrom, Headteacher of Whitchurch First School and Nursery. What a meeting of minds. You could tell the difference as her mind is the bright shiny one and mine is all muddy and has Whitchurch Fields running through it like a stick of rock.

I could tell as she came into the room that she’s the kind of Headteacher you hope for, as a parent and as a teacher, but so rarely get. One thing I can tell you for definite, all you lucky Whitchurch parents out there, she loves each and every child as if they are her own. It made me so hanker after the good old days, where bits of me weren’t falling off and I could stand in front of a class of 30 little upturned faces and pretend I had some vague idea what my lesson was going to be that day.

I am so furious that she was, suggestions for words here, deliberately misinformed, by certain council officers.

Mrs Winstrom is the kind of lady who makes you want to fight for her honour! I told her, if she’s ever in need of a disabled, deaf, partially blind teacher whose short term memory is so shot I’m not sure what day it is then I’m her woman. I’m not convinced the phone will be ringing off the hook, I shall admire her from afar!

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