Mar 22 2013

More Free Schools to Come for Harrow

school_yellowIf the contents of a document seen by iharrow.com are to be beleived, Harrow could be set for a number of new free schools over the next few years. With the Jubilee Academy planning to open in September 2013, there are five other potential schools:

  • Chris Lives Primary School
  • Lisa Frances Edmundson
  • St Chaitanya’s School (i-Foundation)
  • Three Faiths School
  • Khoja Jaffery Academy

Some of these have been mentioned as much as a year ago, but haven’t developed far yet. However, we understand that plans are still underway for some, if not all, of these, and they may open over the next few years. None of those on the list are existing schools, planning to convert to free schools.







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