Apr 23 2014

New Bilingual Primary School to Open in 2015 in Harrow

school_yellowHarrow Bilingual Primary School has announced its plans to open in September 2015, at an as-yet unidentified location – it says that the “…two most promising sites are within the borough of Harrow…” but goes on to say it has “potential reserve sites” elsewhere.

HBPS, it says, will aim to provide students with a multi-cultural, multi-lingual education to promote integration amongst all people of all different cultures and backgrounds, both within the school and in the larger community. Their bilingual approach to teaching will afford children another way in which to view the world and help them to develop as global citizens who value and respect one another. This will be further built upon through their Christian ethos and work undertaken in the community.

Children will be taught in English and one of either French or Spanish, as chosen by the parents, moving to/from English half-way through the week. According to the school’s website, it chose those two languages after looking at the top ten languages most vital to the UK over the next 20 years (Spanish, Arabic, French, Mandarin and German) and asked Harrow parents to select two.

You can read more about the proposed school here.

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  1. mike mcfadden

    HBPS, it says, will aim to provide students with a multi-cultural, multi-lingual education. Don’t be so daft your just building division’s for the future. One Nation,One Language, One Culture, One United Country. All this Multi-Cultural nonsense will do more damage then good. If people don’t want to be part of England!! Just leave and go to a country and culture that makes you happy. “Simple” It’s not rocket science.

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