Dec 20 2012

Sexual Abuse Allegations in Harrow Schools

record-rise-in-reported-child-abuse-0Almost a month ago, West London’s leading law-firm, IBB Solicitors, published a through-provoking report, and made it available – at no charge – on allegations of sexual abuse in schools.

The report, Safe from Harm, draws on Freedom of Information (FOI) Act requests which were sent to all local education authorities (LEAs) in England to get an understanding of how many allegations of child abuse have been made in schools and how those allegations have been dealt with in the past three academic years.

Harrow was one of 30 authorities who refused to answer the questions put to it.

So, we asked a similar question of Harrow Council: “For the last three years, please provide: The number of sexual abuse allegations made against teachers in Harrow schools, shown per year and the number of teachers dismissed following such allegation.”

Over the last three years, there were seven allegations of sexual abuse made against teachers in Harrow – whether these were seven different teachers, or whether one teacher attracted several allegations of sexual abuse, isn’t clear. However, there was one dismissal, following an allegation.

We don’t know who the remaining teachers are, where they taught, nor whether they are still teaching in the borough, but we can only assume, or hope, that the allegations were unfounded.



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