Sep 26 2012

The Jubilee Academy – Another New School For Harrow?

According to papers seen by iharrow.com, a new school is proposed for Harrow, to open in September 2013. The new facility, to be known as the Jubilee Academy, will have 160 places in the age 11-16 age range exclusively for children with behavioural issues and those that have been excluded from mainstream schools.

Initially, it is envisaged that 100 children will be offered places from 2013/14, increasing to the full complement of 160 from 2014/15 onwards.

The Academy’s ethos is one of becoming a centre of excellence for attendance and behaviour management. In short, it will deal with those children who don’t prosper in a traditional school setting. The school proposes a lengthened school day, between 09.30 and 17.30, with teaching and learning structured by ability, rather than by age.

A copy of the full application to the Department of Education can be found here and an application pack for the position of Headteacher Designate can be found here.

The school has not identified any new site from which to open yet, but with around 6+ classes, plus support areas, unless Harrow Council intends to merge two existing schools onto one site – this was an option considered  in early 2012 at the Welldon Park Junior and Welldon Park Infant schools, which fell apart through lack of funding. Whether this will again raise it’s head remains to be seen, however, given the difficulties of finding a home for Avanti House School – which eventually landed up in the Harrow Teachers Centre – we’re expecting an interesting year.

There is a plan between now and opening, which hope to identify a site in October 2012, run a public consultation in early November, and start advertising for staff from early 2013.





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