Feb 07 2012

The Queen to Visit Krishna Avanti School, Harrow – March 29, 2012

As regular readers will know, the Queen is set to visit Harrow as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour of Britain on March 29th, 2012. She might not be dropping in on any street parties, but she’ll be visiting one of the schools in the borough.

Today, we’ve heard that the school she’ll be visiting is the Krishna Avanti Primary School in Edgware.  There has been some question as to whether Harrow’s other schools will close that day, to allow children to take part in the celebratory visit, but we understand that although the remaining schools be open that day – at the request of the police, who clearly don’t want several thousand school children running round causing trouble – that children will be allowed the day off school if they seek permission. We’ve no confirmation of any special treatment through, so if you want to go and join the crowds, ask your school’s head teacher early.


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