Nov 11 2011

Welldon Park Junior School – OFSTED Inspection – results

Just about a month ago, we wrote that Welldon Park Junior School was having an Ofsted inspection. Following what was, to be certain, a tough couple of days, the report is now published, and the school scored a ‘good’ up from the ‘satisfactory’ it achieved at its previous inspection in 2009.

The report makes interesting reading, and will probably be available direct from Ofsted in a few days. If you haven’t yet got your copy from the school, you can download a scanned copy here. Oddly, Ofsted’s page numbering system seems to have gone on the blink,as there are a few of “Page 4 of 14” in there, and no actual page 14 that we can see!

[Updated 14.11.2011 – The Ofsed website now has this inspection report – you can download it, direct from them, here.]


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