Oct 14 2011

Welldon Park Junior School – OFSTED Inspection

OFSTED announced yesterday that they were intending to inspect Welldon Park Junior School, as part of their regular inspection regime.  This doesn’t mean there is any problem at the school, or any allegation of such, it’s just part of the normal OFSTED inspections that occur from time to time in every school in every part of the country.

Parents of children at the school will today have received a letter explaining the process, and an invitation to complete a brief questionnaire.  If you have neither of those, yet still wish to comment, you can do so by writing your comments, views, thoughts and observations down, placing them in a SEALED envelope, and handing them into the school reception by 1.00pm on Monday 17th October.  Address your envelope “Confidential – OFSTED Inspection team”.

Your views are confidential, and you will not be identified to the school, even if the inspectors discuss your comments with the school.  However, OFSTED make it clear that if there’s any suggestion of child protection issues, any information you provide may be passed to third parties such as Social Services or the Police.

Please make every effort to relay your thoughts to OFSTED.  Your views are important, and help to improve the education experience that your child receives, be it at this, or any other school in the future.


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