Dec 19 2013

Cyclists Required for Academic Research

cyclingParticipants required for academic research

Are you a keen cyclist or triathlete? Are you interested in the Cardiovascular System and Human thermoregulation? Would you like to take part in research?

Gavin Travers is looking for volunteers in order to investigate the effects of dehydration on repeated sprint exercise in a hot, humid environment.

What would be required?

  • Participants would be required to take part in laboratory testing at Brunel University on three occasions.
  • Initially, you will complete a cycling test that will determine your maximal rate of consuming Oxygen.
  • The other visits will involve a long duration, low intensity cycle test in a heat chamber that causes dehydration. After a rest, participants will complete brief, repeated 15 second sprints.
  • You will then be naturally cooled down over an hour before completing the sprints again.

Who can apply?

  • Male and female cyclists and triathletes or those who are regularly active and healthy, aged between 18 & 40 years.

What will you gain?

  • You will obtain a cycling specific oxygen usage figure and feedback specifically tailored to you and your training.
  • Receive information as to how the body regulates its own core and muscle temperatures through responses of the cardiovascular system and its underlying physiology.

What to do now?

  • For an information pack, contact Gavin Travers (details below).

This study has been approved by the Brunel University Research Ethics Committee.

Lead researcher
Gavin Travers BSc (Hons)
E-mail: ss11gjt@brunel.ac.uk
Mob: 07545395290

Research supervisor
Professor José González-Alonso
Director CSMHP
E-mail: j.gonzalez-alonso@brunel.ac.uk

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