Apr 13 2014

Drama and Dance: Under the Sea! with Perform

perform_splashLocal 4 – 8 year old children are going Under the Sea!

The only drama, dance and singing workshops for 4-8 year olds to focus on helping develop children’s confidence, co-ordination, communication and concentration skills. Perform is not a stage school but will help give your child amazing social skills and the best fun of their week.

This April to July, Perform children will be diving down to a magical world full of watery adventures. They’ll meet Dolly Dolphin, Septamus the Octopus and Smelly-Fish-Jelly-Fish.

Learn to dance The Fishy Funk and by the end of term rescue the Lost Pearl from the scary Deep Sea Creature. And best of all, the children won’t notice how much they are improving their social skills along the way.

Any interested 4-8 year old can try out the classes by attending a Free Trial Session.

To book a FREE TRIAL SESSION please call 0845 400 4000 or go to www.perform.org.uk

Classes in Harrow, Pinner and Rayners Lane.

For more information please contact:

Contact: Lucy Quick

Company: Perform

Phone: 0845 400 4000 or 0207 255 9138

Email: enquiries@perform.org.uk

Website: www.perform.org.uk


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