Sep 02 2015

Fancy buying a flat in Bradstowe House? Forget it…

bradstowe_houseBradstowe House, the long-time eyesore in Harrow, is now looking a lot closer to crossing over the finishing line, and many of the borough’s young professionals might indeed have their eye on buying a place there.

Unfortunately, it seems that buying won’t be an option: we understand that the entire development has already been flogged to US mega-corp Greystar, and the properties will be rental only. From digging back through past papers, it was a case of either the council agreeing to 100% rental, or the building staying half-built for ever.

Greystar might just be the agent, but they also have a wide property rental portfolio so they could be doing it direct. They actually have quite a lot of student accommodation they rent, so it is something they’re familiar with. The bottom line is it almost certainly will be on the market soon, but for rental only: http://bradstowehouse.com/



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