Sep 24 2013

Frankie & Benny’s Coming to Harrow in November – @frankienbennys

frankie_bennysAmerican/Italian Restaurant and Bar chain, Frankie & Benny’s will be opening a new restaurant in Harrow in November 2013.

Located in St Georges Centre in Harrow, right at the foot of the escalators, it’s sure to be a hit with cinema visitors, looking for something new.

St George’s is already well-served by restaurants (including one that shall remain un-named, but which served me desert with a long blond hair in it last week), all of which seem to be full during the evenings across the weekend, so additional capacity and variety (and quality!) is to be welcomed.

If Frankie & Benny’s press office supply us with a voucher for a free meal, just like Pizza Express did, we’ll run a competition to give it away.


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