Mar 04 2013

Harrow East Conservatives’ Website: Bill not paid; site down?

conservative_logoLooks like the folks over at the Harrow East Conservatives Association haven’t paid their website hosting bill. The site is down, and a quick check on WHOIS indicates that their domain expired on March 1, 2013.

It’s the usual problem – the email comes in saying it’ll expire in a month, nobody does anything, because, let’s face it: nothing is actually broken.

Then, probably a week before, a follow-up reminder appears, and the same thing happens: nothing.

Finally, the website goes down, and – likely – nobody notices. Except us.

Here’s what WHOIS says:

Record expires on 01-Mar-2013.
Record created on 01-Mar-2004.

Now wouldn’t it be a shame if it lapsed, and some other organisation snapped it up. These things, do, indeed happen…


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  1. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    Sorry, can’t resist….. BBBWWWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA…. OOO me achin’ sides.

  2. Jeremy Zeid HARROW UKIP

    Just a thought.. Perhaps the Chairman was on holiday.. Pip Pip!

  3. Paul Boakes on Facebook

    No, surely not?!?

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