Dec 28 2012

Harrow Observer: Harrow? Brent? What’s the difference?

police_bmw_150x150The Harrow Observer, which has escaped comment from us before for poor reporting seems to have been at the Christmas sherry a little too much over the festive season. One of its recent articles, concerning an ‘illegal driver crackdown’ seems to have mixed up Harrow and Brent.

The article, which reports on the sterling results of Brent’s police force, somehow has a headline starting out with ‘Harrow Top Cop…’ before going on to list four or five Brent areas.

We’re sure this is just an oversight – unless Chief Supt Matt Gardner really has moved to Harrow, in which case, perhaps someone could let Chief Supt Dal Babu know about it.

We’ve circled the contradictions in red, below.



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