Mar 31 2014

Harrow West Conservative Assoc. Elect New Chair

Chris-Baxter-2On 27th March 2014 Christopher Baxter was elected as Chairman of Harrow West Conservative Association. He succeeds Cllr Lurline Champagnie OBE, who served as Chairman from 2011-2014.

At 23, Chris is one of the youngest Chairman in the history of the Association. He was Deputy Chairman of HWCA from March 2013 to March 2014. Chris has been very active in the local party and has held various committee positions since 2007 and will also be standing as a council candidate in Headstone North ward on 22nd May.

Following his election Chris commented: “I am honoured to take up the position of Chairman at HWCA. My immediate priority will be campaigning in our target wards for the 2014 Harrow Council elections. We will be working work non-stop to secure an outright majority for Cllr Susan Hall’s Conservative administration and campaign for a Cleaner, Safer, Fairer Harrow. Working together with our excellent council candidates and laying the foundations for the 2015 general election with our PPC Hannah David.”


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  1. Marcello Borgese

    Congratulations are in order, this is quite an achievement at such a young age. I think he deserves to be given a chance. So he can start by giving us his view on the cabinet minister who currently refuses to resign despite over-claiming housing expenses from the tax-payer on a property where her parents lived, then not cooperating fully with the inquiry. Should she resign or not, in your view, Mr Baxter? Is this the kind of person you want more of or less of in your party?

    Do you feel it is fair that she is not being prosecuted when someone who accidentally overclaims benefits or accidentally underpays tax is prosecuted, as we are constantly being reminded in government advertisements?

    Do you believe David Cameron is a great leader given that he has fully supported her behaviour and also agrees that a 27-second quasi-apology to other MPs and paying back a fraction of what the independent inquiry recommended is an adequate punishment?

    Your views on this will help us all to decide which party to vote for in the forthcoming elections.

  2. Marcello Borgese

    Very, very disappointing that Mr Baxter has chosen not to give a view on this. I suspect he knows the minister did wrong and should go but doesn’t want to contradict the party leader. Perhaps he’s of the opinion that if you don’t say anything then you can’t say anything wrong. If so, why would anyone vote for a party that is indecisive, equivocal or too scared to give an opinion?

    Thankfully, the minister finally resigned but amazingly Cameron still thinks she did very little wrong and will consider placing her back in the cabinet. He just doesn’t get it. Mr Baxter, do you ‘get it’? I guess we’ll never know!

  3. ricky123

    The trouble is Marcello they are all the same, they all tow the party line even if they think its wrong, they vote like sheep, until that changes we will have the same old politics everyone sticking together even if its wrong.

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