May 29 2014

Harrow’s Jeremy Zeid’s Remarks “…disgusting and appalling…”

jeremy_zeidUKIP Harrow’s Jeremy Zeid lands up in the mainstream press this evening, with a feature in the Evening Standard. It says:

“A senior UKIP member today claimed parts of London had been subjected to ‘ethnic cleansing’. Jeremy Zeid, who is chairman of the party’s Harrow branch but missed out on a council seat in the local elections, complained of ‘an almost total lack of white faces’ in Ilford, east London. He also suggested a local Labour MP might somehow be involved in what he termed ‘ethnic cleansing.'”

“These remarks are disgusting and appalling, but typical of many people who represent UKIP,” said MP for Ilford South, Mike Gapes.

You can read the whole story here.

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  1. mike mcfadden

    It’s seem Jeremy Zeid remarks have touched a nerve! Hasn’t anyone looked at the unusual results returned by London in local and E.U elections!! The reason is clear for all to see. “White Flight” did happen has happened and will continue until proper police action against those that make the lives of the home owning residents/tax-payers a complete misery. The buying-up of homes in areas such Harrow and turning them to in HMO “houses of multiple occupation” or homes to rent on benefits that in turns pulls down the area and helps put council-tax through the roof all promote the destruction of our way of live and home owning democracy. Where the locals can’t afford to buy nor rent because nu-arrivals are getting priority and pushing housing costs higher. There is no point keep saying we need to build more homes if 10,000 each month are arriving to displace local indigenous families. Further, it was a great mistake for Harrow council to invite failed asylum seekers and “lost” children into the borough at council tax-payers expense. There are some serious and dangerous going on;s in councils like Harrow. However, it seems the cracks are beginning to show with politicians starting to realise the truth will out as the old political classes fall apart. Well done Jeremy for starting the debate.

  2. MysticMeg

    I am so disappointed to read Jeremy Zeid’s comments. If I am not mistaken, isn’t he Jewish? How would he feel if someone made the same comments about the demographics of Golders Green, Edgware or Stanmore! This kind of racism belongs in the BNP. UKIP have stated numerous times that they are not racist but people like Jeremy Zeid can only add to the concern people already have about UKIP and their underlying racist views. Nigel Farage needs to weed out people like Zeid as soon as possible if he wants UKIP to be taken seriously.

  3. John Clement

    Demographic voting patterns tend to show that immigrants vote Labour, and certainly not UKIP.
    Harrow used to have the largest Conservative majority in the country but is now Labour. As Mike Mc says, this is entirely because of “White flight” and mass immigration. Cynics would say that Labour’s mass immigration policy, particularly encouraged by councils like Harrow, was motivated by giving them greater chances of success in elections. The London effect in the recent elections is because the Capital has the greatest immigrant percentage.
    One of the impacts of mass immigration is that it is likely to lead to a government or a council which is unacceptable to the majority of the indigenous British people. For instance it is highly unlikely that Harrow will ever again have any political representation other than Labour, giving them a total free hand to do whatever they like knowing that voting will always be along deferential rather than secular lines.

  4. Willy Stoodley

    @ John Clement – leaving other issues aside, several Labour members were pissed off with ILG in the belief that had we not stood, our votes would have gone to them, which would have won them two extra seats in Harrow-on-the-Hill, an extra seat in Rayners Lane and two extra seats in Kenton West which would have given them a stonking 15 seat majority in Chambers and 20.5% of the vote out of a 40% turnout. So I believe you are correct when you say that Harrow is now forever Labour unless, that is, the ILG can improve on out 8% next time.

    What you wouldn’t know is Labour’s little trick of buying the register of those who’ve voted off the Council around 5-6pm so they can knock-up all their pledges who haven’t been out to vote. If the winner is only winning with 1400ish votes, knocking-up another 100 or so before close of play makes a massive difference.

    So I guess the moral of the story is apathy rules and citizens get the governments they deserve!!

  5. Marcello Borgese

    Willy, nice to see you haven’t abandoned us now that you’ve lost your seat. I knew that one could buy the ‘marked register’ which shows who has voted – personally I think it is a disgrace that such private information is made available but then councils would sell their own grandmother for a shilling – but are you saying that this register is updated in real-time and available even on election days?

    If so, I am disgusted beyond belief that the council would actually employ someone to do that regular updating and then make it available only to those who can afford to buy it. Willy, as someone who has been on the inside, you could provide a very valuable service to the taxpaying public by exposing all the tricks of the electoral trade. I don’t remember giving my permission to the council to sell my name, address and whether I have voted or not.

    The publication of the marked register may lead to more people voting but that is not the right way to do it. Perhaps politicians could try being a bit more appealing to the electorate – and England could win the World Cup!

  6. MysticMeg

    Willy I think you might be right. I had some fat bloke in a red t shirt knock on my door to tell me to vote. I told him I had already done so and had his party wanted my vote, should they not have been knocking on my door some weeks earlier and not at 8.30 p.m on election day! He even had the nerve to ask how I voted. If what you are saying is true, then, I want to know where I signed to say that the council can sell my information. How dare they do without my permission? I have always maintained that apathy rules in Harrow and we do deserve the council we get because not enough people care enough about where we live to try and affect change by voting for what is right for our borough.

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