Nov 28 2015

Housing Developments in Harrow Could Pay for GP shortage

steve_oconnellHousing developments in Harrow could pay for GP shortage

Harrow found to have fewer GPs than England average as report suggests 550 new doctors are needed across London

The Mayor of London, through his planning powers, could force London boroughs, including Harrow, to use cash from major developers to fund the capital’s GPs for the next ten years, a new report shows.

Harrow was found to have 6.7 GP’s per 10,000 people, compared to the England average of 7.6 per 10,000 people. Research found more than 550 new GPs[1] will be needed in London over the next decade to meet the city’s growing population.

Money from developer contributions is already available to local authorities but a new report, ‘Health Appreciation – investing in health facilities from new developments’, found many boroughs are failing to prioritise the building of new doctor’s surgeries.

Conservative London Assembly member Steve O’Connell said: “London’s population is growing at an unprecedented rate and we have to be ready to meet this demand: “It is the right of every Londoner to have access to a GP and I am disappointed to see how few boroughs appear to be setting health provision as a priority for the coming decade. Local authorities need to take advantage of the planning process and provide GP surgeries for their borough and I will be urging the Mayor of London, with his planning powers, to ensure this happens.”

He continued: “By investing in health facilities with money from major developments, we will be building a better future for Londoners.”

The report also calls on London boroughs to monitor and publish the number of health facilities it pays for with existing developer contributions such as Section 106 and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy), and also recommends local authorities adopt new strategies and a collaborative approach with various health bodies to ensure future demand is met.

– Steve O’Connell
GLA Conservatives

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Harrow’s population has increased dramatically in the past decade and the demographics have also changed drastically.It’s a crying shame if we are BELOW AVERAGE in making provision for GP’s —the basic right of every citizen.

    Our Local Authority will have to pull out all the stops and make sure they make adequate provision so that more GP surgeries are provided and people across the borough have easy access to health care within their local area.

  2. Jeremy Zeid

    And once again we see “Magic Money Tree” politics but this time from a Conservative. As we all know, Section 106 and CIL money is materialised in from a parallel universe, or possibly magicked into existence by Santander in true festive spirit.

    The reality is somewhat different. All of this “magic money” comes from somewhere and it isn’t from a bounteous developer handing over his own cash.

    The money comes from the buyers and renters in inflated rents and purchase costs passed directly onto then. This is in addition to their Council Tax, Income Tax and the misnamed “National Insurance” the latter of which is presumably to pay for doctors etc.

    Perhaps if some of the more onerous, pernicious and malignant stealth taxes such as the landfill tax and sundry taxes to no benefit were scrapped there’d be amply cash available for the services we supposedly pay for but ends up propping up an increasingly bloated and parasitic bureaucracy.

    Section 106 and similar charges are monstrous rip offs to give the illusion that the Council and others give a damn. Largesse paid for with our money, to make themselves look good.

    To paraphrase the Prime Minister in his description of ISIS….. The Conservative Party is “Nothing to do with Conservatism “.

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