Jun 02 2013

Interview with David Perry on Harrow Community Radio – June 2, 2013

harrow_community_radioInterview with David Perry on Harrow Community Radio

The Leader of the local Labour Group gets the Sunday Roast treatment this Sunday from 7pm.

Following the recent upheaval and rifts in Harrow Council, Councillor David Perry, Labour Group Leader, has kindly agreed to come in to HCR for a chat with John Strick on The Sunday Roast this Sunday evening.

Join them at 7pm for what promises to be an insightful and entertaining interview. David will of course be talking about the current situation within the council as well as what matters to Harrow residents and what drives him and his party to do what they do for the borough.

John Strick has lived in Harrow for 10 years and has been presenting The Sunday Roast on Harrow Community Radio for over a year now. It’s an interactive show with an avid listenership, which takes requests from everyone. The music and content is as diverse as the population within the Borough. John is also a keen follower of local issues and is involved with several voluntary organisations within the community, so when the opportunity arose to get Councillor Perry on the show, it was always going to happen.

To listen to the show on line go to: www.hcrfm.org

You can contact the studio during the live show:

Text: 0795 008 12 96
email: studio@HCRfm.org

In the coming weeks, he will be inviting Thaya Idaikkadar of the newly formed Independent Labour Group, and Susan Hall of The Conservatives, so that residents of Harrow can hear for themselves the perspective of their Councillors from all sides.

Keep an eye out on the website for the dates.

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  1. ricky123

    It was hard to hear the interview with Cllr Perry because the internet stream kept coming and going. The little bit I did hear was not Cllr Perry but a girl that was in the studio giving her personal opinions and would not stop talking. Also the guy presenter was also giving his personal opinion. So if you want the presenters opinions listen to Harrow Community Radio, if you want to hear the guest forget it and listen to something else.

  2. Praxis Reform

    Ah, I thought it was just my broadband connection that was crapping out (been trying to sort out problems with BT for ages).

    To be fair, it’s only community radio, so you can’t really expect the same professionalism as Andrew Marr.

    Hopefully, Harrow’s Community Radio will repeat the program, so that we can hear the 2nd half and find out how it all ended

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