Nov 14 2011

KFC South Harrow – Closed?

KFC in South Harrow seems to have shut up shop today. Not sure whether this is a long-term or short-term thing, but it looks like – at the moment, at least – that there’s been some work going on inside, possibly removal of some of the shopfittings.

We called the KFC Customer “Services” line to ask them if they knew what was happening. They called the store, and then told us that there was no answer – perhaps because it was closed? – but if we’d like to call the store ourselves, they’d give us the number.

If anyone’s got any more details (KFC Press Office included), let us know at news@iharrow.com.

If it’s planning on reopening, we’re hopeful that perhaps they’ll be doing a spot of staff training whilst it’s closed – it would be nice to be able to go into the store and actually walk out with what I’d ordered and paid for! Seems that so many times, they’d get this wrong…

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