Jun 26 2014

Kumaran’s Natwest Petition Reaches 200 Signatures

uma_kumaranMore than two hundred local residents signed a petition to save their local bank branch from closure, taking with it vital services and the last free cash point on the high street.

The petition to stop the closure of the NatWest branch in Harrow Weald has been met with huge local support. Led by Parliamentary Candidate Uma Kumaran and local Labour councillors, a street stall highlighting the campaign to stop the last high street bank leaving the area was held on Saturday morning.

Local businesses are particularly concerned about the closure affecting their trade, with a number of independent shops on the high street not able to accept card payments. Many traders are now displaying petition forms in their shops, urging customers to join the campaign to save Harrow Weald’s last bank.

Wealdstone Labour Councillor Phil O’Dell said: ‘I am deeply concerned about the impact that NatWest leaving the high street. I hope the support we have received from local residents for our campaign will force them to reconsider the closure.’

20140626_natwest_petitionHarrow East MP Candidate Uma Kumaran said: ‘The closure of Harrow Weald’s last bank would be a significant loss to our community and all the local businesses and residents who rely on it. I have written to the Chief Executive of RBS asking him to reconsider the closure. There is also a real concern as to what will replace NatWest if they do decide to leave. You only have to look at our high street to know the last thing we need in Harrow is another payday lender or betting shop. Unfortunately, the Tory government have made it harder for local councils to protect our high streets from yet more of them appearing. I’ve spoken to local traders and residents alike, they’re all calling for the bank to stay and so am I.”


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