May 07 2014

Labour Party Councillors listen to concerns about TNT postal deliveries in Harrow

labour_roseLabour Party Cllrs Graham Henson and Bill Stephenson met Harrow Royal Mail postmen and women today (Friday 25 April) to discuss concerns about TNT Post, the postal firm that started delivering letters in Harrow in February, in opposition to the Royal Mail. The council had to apologise to residents after TNT failed to deliver councils tax bills last month.

The two Labour councillors had requested the meeting with Harrow Central Delivery Office Manager Andy O’Donoghue after discussing concerns with a number of residents.

Cllr Bill Stephenson, who represents Headstone South, said: “I was concerned to hear reports from residents of mis-delivered mail, and following the late delivery of council tax bills by TNT I decided to find out for myself how this is impacting on the Royal Mail service. We heard that some of the local Royal Mail delivery offices in the area have seen mail volumes dropping by as much as 10% or 20% since TNT started delivering. I’m worried that if this continues it could impact on Royal Mail jobs and the universal postal service: the six-day-a-week, one-price-goes-anywhere collection and delivery service to all 29 million UK homes and businesses. We very much welcomed the Council’s sensible decision in March to support the Royal Mail by signing a contract, along with 13 other councils in London, to have Royal Mail deliver and collect all of our mail. We hope councils around the country will do the same.’

Cllr Graham Henson, who represents Roxbourne, said: “I’m concerned that operators can choose where and when to deliver mail and are not required to meet regulated standards for delivery. For example, they can deliver every other day – Monday to Saturday – as TNT is now doing in large parts of London, plus Liverpool and Manchester. We saw bundles of mis-delivered mail, many of which were clearly from utility companies and banks. It is ridiculous that one operator – Royal Mail – has to work to extremely high standards whilst the other seems to be able to whatever they like. They are cherry-picking the urban and suburban areas where they can make the most profit, but are leaving the rest. I want Ofcom, the industry regulator, to bring forward plans to review ‘direct delivery’ competition in order to protect the UK-wide universal service. I believe that this is at stake.”


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  1. Cllr. Paul Osborn

    I am glad Labour in Harrow welcome our decision to return the contract to Royal Mail, maybe they would like to explain why they haven’t mentioned the fact that the contract was given to TNT in 2012, when Bill Stephenson was Leader of the Council and Graham Henson was on the Cabinet.

    I won’t hold my breath as they still maintain they froze the Council Tax for 3 years despite putting it up by 2% in one of those years.

  2. Timeforchange

    Well said Paul, I’m still waiting to learn of anything good that labour did whilst in power. I too won’t hold my breath!!

  3. King David

    Pathetic old out of touch Labour in Harrow. Hypocricy of highest order

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