May 19 2014

Labour’s Uma Kumaran Opposes NatWest Withdrawal

uma_kumaranLabour’s Uma Kumaran has joined local traders to campaign against NatWest’s decision to close their Harrow Weald branch – a move that would see no banks left on the high street. NatWest have announced that they intend to close the doors for good in July.

Signing the petition to save the bank together with local traders, Uma Kumaran said “losing the last bank in Harrow Weald would be a real blow to our community and all the local businesses and residents who rely on it. NatWest call themselves the helpful bank but they’re not listening to the traders in Harrow Weald who want the bank to stay. I’m writing to the Chief Executive urging him to rethink”.

She continued, “I’m also concerned about the impact this will have to our high street and what will replace it if it does go. The last thing Harrow needs is more payday lenders or betting shops, but thanks to this Tory government’s planning free-for-all, it has become harder for local councils to oppose them and protect our high street. I’ve spoken to local traders and residents alike, they’re all calling for the bank to stay and so am I.”

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Its highly possible NatWest don’t want to be associated with a slum part of London!!! Another great innovation of Nu-Labour. Real people do not trust Labour. Nu or Old.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    NatWest probably want people to do online banking. They close the branch and sell the premises and they make the staff redundant or move them thus making a saving. This is inconvenient for the traders and the bank customers alike. The queues at NatWest in central Harrow will get longer.

    I do not think a petition will make them alter the decision. Perhaps traders and customers should arrange to pay in money in pennies in central Harrow to cause the bank the same kind of inconvenience they expect their customers to tolerate. This closure will have the greatest impact on those who are unfamiliar with computerised banking e.g. the older generation. I accept many older people are au fait with computers but some are not. It is a disaster for them and also people who have mobility problems

  3. jp hobbs

    Lets hope Santander open it up as a bank .

  4. sonoo malkani

    It seems Banks just do what they feel is in THEIR best interests and need to be halted.Public being inconvenienced or feeling” lost ” without a local bank seems to have little or no effect on them.Something needs to be done about such inconsiderate moves.

  5. HA3 Person

    NatWest are encouraging Harrow Weald branch users to use the Harrow Town Centre branch. I would urge customers to use the branch in Hatch End which is geographically closer than the Harrow main branch. It is not surprising footfall is down in Harrow Weald. The number of cashiers was reduced from three to two, the employee who worked reception was never replaced and the useful Saturday opening hours were ditched earlier this year. So it WILL be the case that customer numbers are down. I feel especially sorry for the elderly and disabled customers; there is no doubt that the closure of the branch will be a cruel blow for them. If Natwest has to go then can we have a Post Office branch instead?

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