Jan 11 2014

Look Out Sheriff Hall – There’s a New Gunslinger in Town!

Stetson wearing Sheriff Hall should prob’ly be on the lookout for a new gunslinger in town tonight. Highfalutin’ Cowboy Stoodley is pictured here with his shootin’ iron, an’ prob’ly fixin’ to raise hob and sour her milk.

Spotted on Willy’s facebook page (this is a screen shot from Cllr Stoodley’s Facebook page – available here, Facebook account required) was this (we’ve had to present it as a screenshot, rather than individual photos, to avoid complaints of copyright blah blah again, but if you’ve got a Facebook account, you can see the picture in all it’s glory):

stoodley_facebookAre we going to see a shoot-out on Cactus Hill? Will there be lead flying at the OK Corral? Or is she goin’ to tromp his britches for all his caterwauling at cabinet last month?

List of cowboy slang here. iharrow’s lawyer’s details are available on request.


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  1. Edward Cochran on Facebook

    I see he is smoking a ciggie as well. So I hope that’s not a public building he is in.

  2. j p hobbs

    If its the Civic Centre i dont care if it burns down . we wouldnt notice a lot of difference .

  3. j p hobbs

    A few weeks ago some neat camera warning stickers appeared on some of the metal posts near the stealth Cameras , i notice it wasnt long before they were all peeled off and removed , that just about says it all . Traffic flow control my Arse n al .

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    Perhaps the shoot out will be on Harrow on the Hill or else at the salo(o)n. Councillor Stoodley has complained that people make nasty remarks about him. He should reflect on what he has said about residents. I quote –
    Cllr Willy Stoodley
    November 27, 2013 at 6:58 pm (UTC 0)


    Perhaps we should buy a copy of the book “How to win friends and influence people” and present it to him.

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    Championing the rights of cattle is an appropriate thing for a sheriff to take on.

    The article on the Down to Earth restaurant has appeared on other sites as follows:

    Daily Mail on Line,www.caterer and hotelkeeper.co.uk and fatgayvegan.com

  6. j p hobbs

    WILL E B Standing in May or Will ee take it laying down . ? to be or not to be ? that is the question , now where have i heard that before ?

  7. Timeforchange

    Yes I was wondering whether he will be standing for re election and if so as an ILG member or what this time?

  8. j p hobbs

    And has anyone heard of or seen Jeremy lately ?

  9. Concerned Harrovian

    Probably out and about buying stirrups and spurs and honing his horse riding skills in readiness for the local election.

  10. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Cowboys never had access to Beretta 9mm automatic hand guns but nevertheless please don’t stop – I’m loving this! 😉 @ Cochran – I don’t think a cigarette has much chance of burning down the Civic Centre when it’s being smoked 7,000 miles away! @ Concerned Harrovian – that comment was written about other contributors to that thread – not to the electorate and furthermore I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to win you as a friend or influence you – I really couldn’t care! If you were that “concerned” you would not only stop hiding behind your yellow-bellied coward’s mask of anonymity, you would also run for Councillor! But you would never ever in your sorry sad empty life find the courage to do either of those two things so why don’t you just crawl back into your sad, lonley and cowardly anonymous iHarrow hole, and let the rest of us who know what we’re talking about comment on the running of the Borough, eh? There’s a good chap! Oh, and while I think of it, next time you’re down the shops, if they have any lives left-get yaself one!!!!

  11. Edward Cochran on Facebook

    Cllr Stoodley, I never mentioned the civic centre in my comment.

  12. Timeforchange

    Councillor Stoodley, I knew you wouldn’t let us down and would soon be back with some extremely rude comment and I was right!

    Will you be standing for re election?

  13. Concerned Harrovian


    Perhaps you ought to run a poll to find out if Councillor Stoodley is the rudest man in the borough. I agree with Timeforchange this Councillor never fails to reach the lowest expectations we have of him. He never ceases to patronise and sneer at others. I do not have any desire to be your friend Willy.

    Regards the next election and following J P Hobbs witty remarks maybe it is time Willee Stoodley down.

  14. Timeforchange

    Good idea Concerned Harrovian, I’m sure he would win hands down! I suspect he won’t be standing for re election which is why he’s enjoying being so rude

  15. Concerned Harrovian

    Another thought – why is he posing with a gun? What example is this councillor setting today’s youngsters? The police and public who have experience of gun crime would not find this appropriate. The police work hard to counter gun crime and here we have a Harrow councillor smirking and holding a gun on his facebook page. What message does that send out?

  16. Ms

    Cllr Stoodley

    As you delight in correcting us peasants (sorry, residents and contributors) in our spelling and punctuation, I thought I’d point out you spelt ‘lonely’ incorrectly.

    Furthermore, I’m disgusted you would waste Cabinet meeting time to try to curtail freedom of speech when you know it’s beyond their remit. Why don’t you campaign for real issues that face Harrow? It’s not like there aren’t enough. Or try tackling world peace, global corporations that are damaging society and environmental issues. Then you wouldn’t have time to sneer at us little people.

    My fellow residents, we need a revolution so these self-serving, ego maniac, lunatic Counsellors finally wake up and realise they work for us.

  17. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Edward Cochran – my apologies, it was J.P. You’ve witnessed one of my rare and occasional errors lol!! 😉

  18. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    18 posts already-Cllr Willy causes yet another of the most written-on threads on iHarrow! And all over a private holiday snap stolen by the site’s owner! Perish the thought that you might give a post about a pressing local issue the same attention… Keep it up everyone – I want the record for the most posts on here!

  19. Harrow Dude

    Team Willy…

  20. Willy, “stolen” indeed? Harsh. But if you will go putting silly photos on the internet, you really do have only yourself to blame. I’m rather hoping you’ll feature in the Harrow Times and the Harrow Observer with that picture this week. With that Agent 007 style pose, I’m sure Pussy Galore is already beating a path to your door, and I look forward to you leaping out of light aircraft in pursuit of saving the world from a maniac with a bomb, complete with red digital countdown time on it.

    Joking aside, can I recommend you review this site (below), and look at securing your Facebook account, to prevent any further mishaps? Heaven forbid there are any selfies taken with the help of a bedroom mirror on there. Anyway, I’m sure it’s not a real gun, or, perhaps, you’re firing blanks…


  21. All things good

    Considering the big news story last week on Mark Duggan I am totally shocked that anyone thinks that this picture is acceptable? Or is it acceptable because this man is white and a councillor? The more I think about this the more I am quite infuriated……….Cllr Stoodley should resign immediately that’s how serious I believe this is!

  22. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Yes it is a very real automatic 9mm Beretta loaded with very real alternate copper hard nosed bullets and alternate blue nosed “dumdum” bullets that splinter on impact for maximum damage. The gun belongs to one of my nephews-he’s a security guard at the airport. If there’s any trouble he shoots to kill, but he runs the risk of being accused of overkill if his magazine is loaded with
    dumdums only, so he alternates the shells in the magazine!

    Why on earth are you all commenting and getting your gurly male y-fronts in such a twist over a poxy private picture stolen off my facebook without permission which is theft Paul but I like the way you spin it! Next time we go for a pint if I down your pint without your permission while you go for a waz can I use the same defense then? That you didn’t “secure” it?!! Tosh!!

    Why do the English get so horrified over hand guns? This thread has over two dozen posts now-the one abiut the new fire engine has none! Get a life you sad bloody lot – I’m really not worth the time PLUS I have ADD so the more you talk about me, good or bad, the more I love it!! 😉

    PS – I was taught how to handle a hand gun at boarding school when I was 8 years old. I guess that doesn’t happen nowadays?!! And as for resigning – what tosh! What about all the gun-orientated films and shows on TV? You gona ban that as well?!!

  23. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ Concerned Harrovian – if you can’t take it yourself then don’t give it out to others! You have the typical trademarks of a school bully – all the time you hide behind your cowardly anonymity you feel brave enough to have a go at others, yet if someone gives you a smack back you cry foul and go running back to your mummy to complain that the nasty Councillor with the gun was “rude” to you. Sir, you are a cad, a coward and a bully and if the truth hurts then so be it! Or you could prove me wrong by dropping your cloak of anonymity and start commenting in your own name! (Which you’ll never do because you’re a coward).

  24. Concerned Harrovian

    Councillor Stoodley – It is hardly surprising that people on this site post comments under noms de plume. The level of verbal violence that you profer to Paul Boakes and commenters, who have different views from your own, on this site are unacceptable for a serving councillor.

  25. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Concerned Harrovian – you have the cart before the horse, Sir! I have NEVER STARTED a thread! I have only ever exercised my right to reply. And for your information Paul and I get on fine; but we are both hard hitters with a massive sense of humour which is why we beat each other up on here then laugh about it afterwards-a concept which apparently is alien to you! You hide behind a nom de plume because you are a coward who lacks the guts to comment under his own name. If you had a milligram of courage in that gutless yellow belly of yours you’d strike your colours, supply your name and address and report me to the Standards Committee; but you’ll never do that because you are a coward and a bully who doesn’t like it when someone comments back against you. Good day, Sir!

  26. All things good

    Susan Hall I hope you have looked at the above. I find it abhorrent for anyone especially someone representing the Council to feel it acceptable to pose for a picture holding a real gun! In view of recent events in the news or at any time how can it be right? The Cllr in question is also extremely rude in many of his posts on here. I feel that this should be investigated further by the Council and would kindly like your comments Susan Hall.

    1. Harrow Dude

      ATG are you suggesting that in view of recent events Big Willy decide to pose with his nephews gun?
      Secondly if you want to experience rudeness just ask Susie a question she does not like. Failing that just challenge Susie on any one of her opinions that you don’t agree with….

  27. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ All Things Good – I am not representing Harrow Council in that pose! And political banter is not rudeness-stop taking it so personally! Or alternatively, if you can’t take it then stop giving it out! And Susan Hall has no say over what I do in my personal life or time so forget that one. By all means feel free to report me to the Standards Committee but you also will have to drop your cowardly cloak of anonymity and supply your name and address to the Committee. This thread is getting so pathetic! So I’m holding a gun – so
    what?!! What exactly is your problem with that?!! Come on, tell me!! Influencing others, is that it? Well I wasn’t influencing anyone until Paul Boakes stole that picture off my facebook (which no one can see except for my facebook friends as it is totally private) so if you feel people are being influenced then blame HIM! HE’S the one who published that picture into the public domain! My goodness me, anyone would think you’ve never ever seen a picture of someone holding a gun before! How many novels in a bookshop have a picture of someone holding a gun on the front cover? How many tv programs show people holding guns?!Are you going to advocate banning children from watching tv and going into bookshops?! GET A LIFE!

  28. j p hobbs

    I believe Willy is just getting practise in for his Valentine cards . Chumly chap ???? no thats not my nom de plume

  29. Concerned Harrovian

    Reporting Willy to the Standards Committee would serve no purpose. I suggest googling – Councillor Willy Stoodley must apologise over ‘vicious’ blog criticising Marilyn Ashton and Praveen Seedher.
    This was an article in the Harrow Times. 1:32pm Thursday 17th February 2011 by Jack Royston. You will notice that the adjectives used to describe him in 2011 are still applicable now.
    The article in the Harrow Times is about Willy being compelled to apologise to Councillor Ashton. Obviously he did not get it then and he still does not get now so reporting him would serve no purpose. It would probably just reinforce his desire to be in the spotlight as a celebrity
    The pictures in books of people with guns are a work of fiction. Presumably Willy you are not a figment of any person’s imagination. Also your face book account cannot be secure so the buck stops with you.
    I wonder what your fellow councillors in the Independent Labour Party think of your communications skills when engaging with the public. Are your fellow councillors in the Independent Labour Party cast from the same mould?

  30. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    The stories are fiction not the pictures and my picture was not in the public domain until Paul pilfered it and published it! You’re not even ON facebook are you, Concerned Harrovian. I wonder why? Hmm let’s see – there’s no point in being on facebook unless you have friends! Aha, now I understand!

    So CH, by your rationale there must be an immediate blanket ban on all James Bond affiliated matters, since Ian Fleming adopted exactly the same pose with exactly the same make of gun in his picture on the back of the back of the Bond paperbacks. Or if not, then there’s nothing wrong with my picture which incidentally was my own private picture put on my own private facebook for the benefit of my own private friends and therefore unable to influence anyone.

    I’ve told you before CH, GET A LIFE! NO ONE CARES ABOUT MY GUN
    PICTURE! In fact several Officers and Councillors and indeed a certain reporter from the Harrow Observer are all in stitches of laughter over it! Your nom de plume is clearly a lie – you are not a “concerned Harrovian” at all since you choose to wast your time on the triviality of this thread rather than comment on other threads that address serious issues. You prove beyond doubt that you are indeed a yellow-bellied coward by choosing a pathetic cop-out with respect to reporting me to the Standards Committee, rather than lose your anonymity by going ahead and doing it.

    I feel very sorry for such a sad and lonely person. Get a life and get some friends!

  31. Willy – the picture was your profile picture – available to all, so long as they have a Facebook account. I’m not your ‘friend’ on Facebook, nor was another account I used to look at it – it was available to everyone on Facebook, not just friends. No pilfering required!

  32. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Paul – you used it without permission you pilferer!! Not that I care but no court in the land would deem that public domain until you posted it on here!! How do I know? Because I’ve already been taken to Standards and cleared on this point! (Standards expert, me!!)


  33. Concerned Harrovian

    William Stoodley uses the words “your gurly male y-fronts in such a twist.” in his Jan 14th comment.Presumably the word gurly is meant to mean girly. Why does he regard women with such contempt that he uses the word girly as a form of abuse?

    I suppose he regarded Marilyn Ashton as a girly and that is why he wrote the abusive blog about her in 2011. The Standards Committee asked him to write aa letter of apology to her.

  34. j p hobbs

    I have heard there is nothing worse than a bad Willy . but you can get treatmend for it ,,,APPARENTLY !!!!

  35. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @ CH – if you ever had any contact with the under 30s in your lonely life you’d know that gurl and gurly is a deliberate mis-spell designed to accentuate the femininity of the noun in an endeering manner. And if you bothered to read the Standards Committee minutes from my hearing you’d see that I was cleared! And if you bothered to state where your quotes come from you’d tell the readers that they are what Marylin Ashton and Pravin Seedher said at the time, NOT the press! And of course those two WOULD say that about ME because they are opposition Tories.

    CH – you don’t just need to get yourself a life, you need to get yourself some much better ammo!! Which you won’t find coz there’s absolutely nothing out there on me; I am squeaky clean! (hehe!) Know what I mean?! 😉

  36. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Oh by the way everyone the local press were at Cabinet last night so I asked Bruce Thaine of The Harrow Times and John Shammas of The Harrow Observer if they woild publish this “gun” story; both declined!


    So go figure…

  37. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Nice one J.P. – I MUST remember to use that!

  38. Timeforchange

    So Councillor Stoodley now you have cleared up a few issues can you clarify whether you will be standing for re election and if so for what ward and party?

  39. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    If I obtain the 10 signatures required to be able to qualify to run then yes I will definitely be standing again and definitely for Independent Labour, the only truly socialist party since Labour MPs were instructed to abstain when voting on John McDonnell’s EDM to stop the further curbing of union rights and powers.

    As to which ward…still under discussion!

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