Apr 29 2013

Man delivers gift to Harrow Police Chief – Treated like criminal

oraxis_calendarLondon’s Police often wonder why they do not ‘connect’ with the public, and why that same public often do not trust them or do not have faith in their attempts to reduce crime. Heavy-handed police action and lack of respect for law-abiding members of the local community is the cause.

Local campaigner @PraxisReform had created a humorous calendar featuring notable, local derelict and incomplete buildings in order to remind Harrow’s Councillors of the number of years that they had left so many of those edifices abandoned, in the hope that the Council would see those schemes finished before they move on to their next grand project.

Hearing that Harrow had a new Chief Superintendent, @PraxisReform thought that one of these calendars would make a nice welcome to Harrow gift for him, since it’d be useful for noting important events or meetings on, as well as highlighting local areas of graffiti and derelict buildings.

Trying to save a few pounds in postal charges @PraxisReform called in a favour from a former work colleague, who was in the area doing some shopping, and asked him to drop off a couple of calendars to the central Harrow Police station – the 2nd being for their Safer Neighbourhood team, so they wouldn’t feel left out.

However, Harrow’s Police station is so poorly designed that it doesn’t incorporate a letterbox. Thus, the gentleman was forced to wait around for about 15 minutes to be able to pass the envelopes to the only Officer on duty – who was dealing with someone else at the time.

Then, rather than simply take the letters and pass then to the correct people, this Bobby chose to fire a barrage of questions and harassment at the gentleman, demanding to know what was in the envelope, who it was from and why it was being given to him, etc. etc.

Too dim-witted to realise that you can easily find out about the sender of a letter simply by opening it and reading the message inside, this Keystone cop detained the gentleman in a small room, and kept barking more and more questions that couldn’t be answered, since he was just delivering the envelopes.

Thus, the gentleman could only say that he didn’t want to become involved in a Police investigation, because he was only delivering some letters. But that if the envelopes were given back, he’d return them to get stamps stuck on them and have them sent via Royal Mail.

However, unwilling to give the envelopes back, the penny dropped, and the incompetent Officer was forced to the realisation that he had no reason to arrest the gentleman, and was forced to release him back to finish his shopping.

Asked for a quote, the gentleman said: “I bet the Mailman doesn’t get the third degree every time he tries to deliver letters to the Police station”

@PraxisReform said: “Harrow Police has their priorities backwards. A couple of years ago, our employer defrauded their workers and creditors out of over £1,000,000. We reported the matter to Harrow Police on the advice of an MP, and they couldn’t have shown less interest – claiming the issue was ‘just a civil matter’… But try to send the new Chief Superintendent a welcome to Harrow gift, and you might be arrested.”

When contacted for a comment about the incident, Harrow Police’s Press bureau wouldn’t respond, and similar tweets to Harrow’s Police have been left unanswered.

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