Aug 29 2011

Missing Cat – South Harrow

We had an email today from Hazel, to say that her, “…three-year old black and white male cat Floyd has gone missing from the Park Mead, South Harrow area. He is neutered and microchipped but has nocollar. I have put posters up and informed the local vets and the microchip company but there have been no sightings at all. He was last seen on the 8 August. He is small for his age and is very timid – he would normally run if approached. I am worried he has been shut in somewhere or is injured in someones garden.”

The picture is a bit old, so he is bigger now, but his markings are still the same, and he is still a very small cat.

If you’ve got any information, please call Hazel on 0777 555 1167.

You can click the picture above to enlarge it.


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