Feb 11 2012

Monopoly – Harrow School Edition

Harrow School Enterprises Limited (HSEL) is proud to bring you this very special piece of Harroviana. If you were to think of any board game with the most international brand recognition and sales, Monopoly should come at the top of the list. Loved the world over, this game has captured the hearts and minds of generations of armchair entrepreneurs as well as causing innumerable family arguments!

The famous streets and landmarks of the Monopoly board have been renamed this year as Harrow School becomes the latest official version of the game. Old Harrovians, boys, parents and friends of the School are now able to buy their old House, or get a mortgage on Old Schools as the classic family game combines with the venerable and beloved landmarks of Harrow School.

The project started six months ago when a version of Oundle School Monopoly was sent to Mr Barnaby Lenon (the then Headmaster). The first, and potentially most controversial, decision was which Houses should go on which squares. All the boarding houses (including the newly opened Lyon’s House) are included, valued by date of construction, with the oldest being the highest value. It was hoped that this logic would preclude any inter-House rivalry, but one House Master, who shall remain nameless, was nevertheless heard to enquire as to whom he should talk to about changing the valuation of his House!

For more details, visit the Harrow School Enterprises website, where you can order your game for only £29.95 (plus £5.95 UK P&P). You can also buy this game at the Hill Shop or via telephone on 0208 872 8212.

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