Apr 01 2013

More FUD from the Harrow Council for Justice

fire_engineThose lucky enough to be on the receiving end of the Harrow Council for Justice’s mailing list may have today received more of their fear, uncertainty and doubt in the latest newsletter, this time about the planned changes to London Fire Brigade’s coverage of the capital.

Demonstrating that they hadn’t read and understood the proposed plans (or, perhaps, choosing to ignore them so they don’t get in the way of a good story), the anti-Conservative HCJ said:

The cuts will inevitably endanger families and communities across London, including Harrow – real risk for safety and security of people in Harrow.

Not true. In fact, Harrow will gain an additional fire engine at Stanmore fire station – just one of four fire stations to gain increased protection across the capital (source: page 39 of the draft plan).

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”There are over three million homes in London and we attend less than 7,000 fires in them each year.” – LFB[/pullquote]

It is true that there are some significant changes across the capital, something the HCJ neglects to mention. For example, only 6% of attendances, over the last three years, are to dwelling fires. The number one cause of call outs is false alarms from automatic fire alarms. In fact, the LFB deals with more calls to people trapped in lifts, than they do house fires.  In fact, they attended nearly as many false alarms as they did real emergencies in 2011/12.

Whilst cutting any emergency service might, to the uninformed, be seen as a bad thing, the draft plans – all 64 pages of them – make perfect sense. And it’s not all about cuts, as the additional appliances at four fire stations goes to show.

Harrow currently ranks badly: these new changes should go some way to improve that.

We’d urge people to read the facts for themselves, rather than listening to the scaremongering “headline news” of the misinformed HCJ.  Or, they can attend the LFB consultation on April 16, 2013 from 7-9pm at the Civic Centre, where, no doubt, the HCJ will be to champion their own plan. They do have a plan, surely?

On average, our fire engines are used around seven per cent of the time attending emergency incidents, whilst our busiest fire engine is occupied just over 16 per cent of the time. – LFB

We’d suggest you can read more about the HCJ at their website, here, but you’ve probably got better things to do.

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