Jun 01 2014

Musings of an ex-Councillor – by Bill Phillips @pinns35

writingBill Phillips, previously councillor for Greenhill, and who stood – and lost – in Headstone North in 2014, has posted some very interesting musings. We’ve got a snippet or two below, but his blog is well worth a visit for the full story.

On reading the various documents that a councillor will receive, he writes:

I used to measure my reading by the inch rather than the page. It’s not just the officer reports for the various committees that you serve, it is also the background reading so that you can understand the subject of the officer’s reports. There are also the documents that belong to the external bodies that you are appointed to, such as local charities or the board of governors of local schools.

On meetings:

Some will be terminally boring and often characterised by poor questions from councillor colleagues that appear to either not read their documents or who fail to understand them.

On training:

You should budget to spend a significant number of evenings over the next few months at the excellent series of training courses that Harrow Council officers will provide. These training courses are regarded as amongst the best provided by any local authority…

You can read the whole article here and follow Bill on Twitter at @pinns35


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  1. anon

    Good article. Bet your glad you got out of politics.

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