Dec 10 2013

My Mum’z Caribbean Restaurant and Cocktail Bar Opening December 12, 2013

mymumzharrowMy Mum’z Caribbean Restaurant and Cocktail Bar opens at 453 Alexandra Avenue in Rayners Lane on December 12, 2013, with what is promised to be an exciting menu of Caribbean flavours.

The opening night kicks off at 5.00pm until late, and is hosted by Comedian Richard Blackwood.

For more details, call 0208 866 6479,  follow them on Twitter at @mymumzharrow, or on their website at http://www.mymumz.com/ where a menu should be appearing shortly.

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  1. submit as ANGRY RESIDENTS

    what is happening to rayners lane town/ almost every shop is a restaurant english .sri lankan,
    indian .chinese as well as the many chicken take away. outlets
    Many taking over 2 or 3 shops stay for 2 yrs then close down
    up to 2006 there was many newsagents, 3 jewelers, several men and womans clothing outlets.
    3 shoe shops , estate agents ,car parts outlets, electrical shops 4 chemists even WOOLWORTHS
    In the past council controlled the balance, newsagent would be rellaced by a newsagent, chemist by a chemist and with hundreds flocking to these new food outlets in vehicles, no provision for the many extra vehicles being parked
    The council should have learnt their lesson from Hatch End when that was taken over by restaurants in the 1990,s and they took over the pavement area also.

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