Apr 22 2013

Ousted! Latest News from Harrow Council for Justice

writing_person_in_bookLatest communication from the Harrow Council for Justice…

Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar, Harrow Labour Group leader for just six months, was replaced by Councillor David Perry at the recent Labour Group AGM.

The HCJ has maintained the position that both a quality administration and a quality opposition at Harrow Council are necessary in effectively running the council and serving the residents.

Therefore, we have continued to monitor and report on the performance of the present leader of the Conservative opposition in Harrow because Conservatives under Cllr Hall are poor, in our opinion. We, like others, are now very concerned about the leadership crisis at the Harrow Council administration level which could have serious implications for the Council’s services to residents.

It is as if the ‘Britain’s first Sri Lankan council leader’ Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, elected in November 2012 as the leader, has had a rough ride in a race boat with a hole which has now been remotely unplugged, again because of who he is.

The newly elected ‘leader’ of the Labour Group, who is fairly new to the Civic Centre and, as far as we know, has no track record of understanding or serving the highly diverse Harrow communities, except for availing few photo opportunities, has not given any credible reasons as to why he challenged his leader who, in his own words, was doing well:

“Thaya took over the leadership of Harrow Council in November 2012 at what was a crucial time facing the council. His leadership steered the council through a very difficult budget setting process when the council’s finances were being cut by government. He has introduced some excellent ideas which sit at the heart of our Labour values in helping the residents of Harrow who are most in need”.

Our job becomes more interesting as we now have reasons to monitor the administration leadership as well.

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  1. Susan Hall

    Finally HCJ admits that it had no interest in monitoring the Council Administration. Why not? Labour have been the party in control, they have made the decisions, they have raised Council Tax when our residents cant afford it and yet HCJ have only ever been focused on the opposition. Is it possible that HCJ is all about personalities and the ones they like and the ones of us that they don’t? This certainly looks to be the case – hardly a way for a responsible organisation to work, clearly HCJ is used simply as a vessel to vent private vendettas.

    Obviously Thaya has been treated badly by many in his group for which I assume they are ashamed.

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    Susan Hall commented on iharrow.com:

    Finally HCJ admits that it had no interest in monitoring the Council Administration….

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