Jan 11 2014

Premier Christian Radio to Broadcast from Harrow – February 28, 2014

5065-how-digital-radio-worksPremier Christian Radio will be broadcasting its primetime weekday Breakfast Show live from Harrow across the UK the 28th February.  The station has been taking its Breakfast Show out and about to local areas to look at life in towns and cities across the UK.  500,000 people in the UK tune into the station, which is national on DAB, Freeview, Internet and also on AM in London.

Where can Premier be heard?

Premier Christian Radio broadcasts on MW 1305, 1332, 1413 in London, nationally on DAB, and on Freeview channel 725.

On Medium Wave in London Premier broadcasts from five transmitters on three frequencies to London and around the M25 area:

The transmitters are: 1305 from Chingford (north) and Ewell (south), 1413 from Heathrow (west) and Dartford (east), and 1332 from Bow (central London).

Where do the programmes come from?

Based in Pimlico, Premier is equipped with the most up-to-date digital technology. The purpose-built complex includes two on-air studios, three voice-over and programme production studios, and a state-of-the-art commercial production studio.

More details to come, but you can visit their website here in the meantime. Or you can get in touch with on Twitter as @radiogeyser.


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