Jul 16 2014

Rat problem? Want to be on TV? Read on…

ratsThis summer, Keo films is making a brand new series following four female pest controllers as they go about their work. The approach will be very family friendly, think Springwatch and Countryfile.

As part of this series these ladies will be offering free pest control services to households that have a pest problem and are willing to be filmed for the series.

Keo Films is making the new documentary series, The Ladykillers (working title), about 4 female pest controllers and their work for BBC 2.

It’s a very family friendly series, and as part of it, from July to mid-September, if you have a cockroach, mouse or rat infestation, bed bugs or any other unwanted pests our pest controller can help free of charge.

Get in touch if you have a problem, or please pass on our details to anyone else who might need them!

You can contact Charlotte at pests@keofilms.com or call 07817 499635.

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