Sep 17 2013

Shoezone in South Harrow Shuts Up Shop

showzone_smallLocal purveyor of discount shoes in South Harrow’s Northolt Road has finally given up, and closed its doors after many years of gracing the street.

For many, it was the place to go to for kids school shoes, but it was clearly feeling the pinch – over the last year or so, it seems hardly a week went by without a S-A-L-E being announced across the windows.

No news yet of who’ll be moving in there, or whether this will be left empty like so many other shops across the borough of late.

Shoezone joins the growing club of Woolworths, Hartex, Bowmans, Harrow Electrical and many more who have all vacated in recent years.


Any idea of who is coming next? Let us know in the comments, below.

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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Probably another effing Betting shop, Loanshark, Pawnbroker, takeaway, charity shop or low grade notreallyasupoermarket with a window full of discount phone posters

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Harrow has one of the lowest shop vacancy rates in London – it’s even been on BBC news. We’ll have to wait to see who takes it over.

  3. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    The vacancy rates are a red herring. Harrow is a business hostile borough, clearly demonstrated by it’s slow strangulation of anything that needs to load a vehicle, the malignant CCTV “enforcement” Mafiosi raking it on from any traded or customer trying to load a vehicle…. Headstone Drive, Harrow View a case in point. Meanwhile, the GRADE of business is plummeting to where all we have are cheap food shops plasters in posters, betting shops etc. with units getting ever more sub divided until eventually they get so small, that they disappear up their own letterboxes. Until the idiot parasite council whose only “talent” is CCTV based extortion starts to understand business, it is not surprising that any major employers apart from the Council and supermarkets who have their own parking have all but gone. Come on Will, it’s QUALITY that’s needed not the seedy soukh that Harrow is rapidly becoming and you know it as we are the same side re the betting shops etc.

  4. j p hobbs

    Jeremy you seem to have dropped your interest in the Harrow and Wealdstone stealth camera , I have emailed you a few times with no reply from you . No surely not you as well ?
    what happened to the protest you had to cancel because of a bad back ? The traders are asking again .

  5. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Sorry John, had big problems with gmail account, now sorted. I’ll be in touch re Wealdstone & other extortion zones.

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