Dec 16 2011

Stanton’s Fruit ‘n’ Veg – To be a ‘mini mall’

We wrote back in August that Stanton’s Fruit ‘n’ Veg shop in the Northolt Road had closed down, and, since then, it seems there’s been a lot of building work going on.

I checked it out earlier this week, and it seems that it’ll be what might be termed a ‘mini mall’ – a number of small – very small – units with retail in mind. I’m not sure of ‘mini mall’ is the right phrase, but it does seem to fit!

Regulars in the Northolt Road will have seen that this concept has already been developed elsewhere – the old Post Office, for example, has a number of these retail units. Note, that this concept isn’t the same as splitting an existing shop in half and making two narrow but deep retail units – although that’s also appears elsewhere in the road.

Going back to Stanton’s, the units are all empty at present, so we’ve no idea of who’s moving in there yet. Once we know more, we’ll keep you posted.

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