Apr 30 2014

Uma Kumaran on Alphonso Mango Ban Crisis

uma_kumaranLabour’s Parliamentary candidate for Harrow East Uma Kumaran has slammed the Conservative Government’s decision to ban the import of Alphonso mangoes from India.

Uma has stated that she will campaign on this issue further by speaking to local retailers and finding out the significant impact it will have on the Indian community and retailers in Harrow East, and find a way to work together to take this issue forward.

Uma and the Labour Party have stressed that this decision to ban mango imports to the UK from India is one that will have a significant impact on importers and retailers. For a number of small businesses in and around Harrow, this will inevitably have dire consequences on both trade and finances. Some estimates have suggested that the ban could cost the UK economy as much as £12 million per year.

At a time when small and independent businesses are struggling to cope with soaring business rates, the Conservative led government has yet again let the small business community down.

The Labour Party has written to the Secretary of State to argue against the ban on Alphonso mangoes; pointing out that it will adversely affect wholesalers, retailers and restaurants in this country.

Uma Kumaran, Labour Parliamentary Candidate said: I am disappointed that the Conservative government has ignored the impact that their rushed mango ban will have on British Indian businesses and the Indian community in Britain. I am also shocked that Harrow East’s Tory MP Bob Blackman has done nothing to lobby his Tory Government to make a U-turn on this decision.”

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  1. A. Pais

    As a person of Indian origin, I look forward to the Mango season in India. This is indeed a tragic development. But, would it not have been better for this Labour candidate to get the facts right about the Conservative party having perpetrated this nasty deed or the EU officials. She might do well to check on iharrow to see if Bob Blackman, the incumbent Member of Parliament is in fact doing nothing about it. Oh well, it is election time!

  2. iharrow.com

    It was neck and neck, but Bob got there first at 17.11, followed by Uma at 17.44 (according to the timestamps in the message headers, when they arrived here)!

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