Jun 16 2014

Uma Kumaran: Open Letter to NatWest Bank

uma_kumaranDear Mr McEwan,

I am writing to urge you to reconsider your decision to close the NatWest Branch in Harrow Weald next month and to ask that you or one of your senior staff meet with me and local traders as a matter of urgency.

Your Harrow Weald branch is well used by the local community as well as many of our independent businesses. Closing it will mean that people have to travel a mile and a half to carry out basic banking tasks, something that is particularly difficult for older and disabled residents. Businesses that rely on the branch daily and need quick and easy access to pay in cheques and cash will be severely inconvenienced. That’s why customers and businesses across Harrow Weald have united to launch a petition urging you to think again.

Your decision is particularly damaging as this is the last remaining bank in the area so its loss to the high street would be significant. There is strong local concern about what will replace it if it does go.

I know that you brand NatWest as ‘the helpful bank’, so with that in mind I hope you will agree to my request for a meeting as soon as possible so we can discuss this important issue further.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Uma Kumaran

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Harrow East

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  1. anon

    Dear ms kumaran. Nice pre election letter, but what next ? What was the outcome ? No surprise that they are shutting up. The area is a dump and can only get worse. Outrageous.

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