Aug 27 2013

Windsor Crescent HA2 – Now Online

windsor_crescentResidents of Windsor Crescent and Windsor Close in South Harrow have launched their residents’ group onto the internet, and can be found here.

They say:

We are all residents of Windsor Crescent and Windsor Close, we care about our roads and the people who live on it.  We come together when the situation demands, to help out for the good of our street.

People often talk about their local community, we wanted to take that a step closer to home…. this is about Windsor Crescent and Windsor Close, our local street!

It’s great to see small clusters of residents bringing themselves together to improve their communities. If you live in either of those roads – or even nearby! – do go and have a look at their site.

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  1. Manji Kara

    Well done to the residents of Windsor Close and Windsor Crescent. This is a very good initiative by the residents. Such groups brings communities together and enable them to have a stronger voice when dealing with authorities. I encourage residents to form such groups whenever possible in my ward. All councillors should encourage residents in their ward to do so.
    Cllr. Manji Kara, Belmont Ward.

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